• 16,049Data extracted from a feature film
  • 216,930Frames in a 2 hour video
  • 2.2 Valuable data available per second

90% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2017.

What most people don't realize is that all of that video is unstructured data; there's no way to make sense of it. Vū converts that unstructured data to structured data, making it understandable data. It takes all of the audio, images, and text from the video - all words, names, faces, etc. - and distils them down to machine readable words indexed according to time; and all faster than real time.

You thought existing platforms did that already? They don’t. In fact, today’s technology for creating searchable data from video is manual, slow and ineffective at best. Video titles and manual created tags cannot even remotely capture the content and context of a video. Vu changes all that, instantly converting video and audio into the machine-readable medium that search engines, databases, NLP, and distributors know and love best: words.

Image the possibilities.
Face Recognition

Vu uses unique algorithms and methods to detect and identify faces.

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Object Recognition

An advanced set of trained objects is used to identify objects in your video.

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Speech Transcription

Vu's ASR detects voices music and multiple speakers in your videos

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Brand Recognition

Vu detects and identifies brands and logos making them more searchable.

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Text Extraction

Vu turns text into real data.

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Music Identification

Vu recognizes the occurrence of music in your videos and atempts to identify it.

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